The future of television is apps

Television, and its programming as we know it, seems to have its days numbered: more and more households in the world consume on demand streaming services, such as Netflix. In the United States, 55% of households are already subscribed to at least one on demand service , a figure that in 2009 was 10%.

It is currently a market with a great growth potential, although competition is also increasing.

Apple TV +  will be Cupertino´s technological giant´s proposalthe proposal of  Cupertino´s technological giant to enter the market, especially important now that the company is not going through its best moments. With iPhone sales´ in decline and with Amazon and Google dominating the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market at home with their Alexa and Google Home devices, the company needs a new business line.

The entry of companies like Apple or Disney in the sector seems to be welcomed by Netflix, as the company stated that the increase in competition will be positive for the market growth.

Apple has shown an interest in funding new film projects with up to $ 30 million, but faces a serious disadvantage against other competitors: by not having their own content library, their new customers will have a limited offer while they do not expand their catalog. This has arosed strong rumors of mergers or acquisitions with firms that can provide such a gallery of content in the short term.