Restructuring Profitability Improvement​

Multiple reasons can cause a company to not achieve the desired results.​

And many are unrelated to the company’s own execution: new entrants, changes in customers’ preferences, difficulties retaining talent, technological disruptions … Whatever the cause may be, it is necessary to react with determination, change course by making and putting into practice decisions that swiftly move the firm back on profitability track.​

Mind team has addressed and overcome these situations by:

  • Business Model Transformation when technology or changes in market preferences recommended a fundamental change in the way of delivering value to customers.​
  • Restructuring and Crisis Management when the situation has reached a level of criticality that requires an agile, energetic reaction to ensure short-term survival and medium-term return to profits.​
  • Outsourcing Initiatives to take advantage of more efficient specialists that can outsource equipment and operations that no longer add core value to the company.