Operational Execution

A large number of well-designed plans fail due to shortcomings during the implementation phase. Lack of time or of internal expertise on the matter, have set many good ideas aside and prevented companies from materializing the expected profits.

Mind leads projects on-site to transform plans into tangible results in the short term.

  • Deployment in new markets: a potentially profitable market can become a source of problems if the entry is not managed correctly. Our network will help you set up operations properly in the geographies of your choice.
  • Business Unit Transformation when technology or changes in market preferences recommended a fundamental change in the way of manufacturing and delivering products and services to customers.
  • Intrapreneurship. Internal innovation processes allow you to unlock the knowledge and skills you already have in our internal teams. We will help you create the environments and teams so that you can enjoy of startups’ agility and cost-efficiency aligned with your business goals.
  • Crisis Management to assist your organization with responding to and remediating critical events when management needs to stay focused on maintaining daily operations.
  • Business cooperation and synergies: a well planned, managed collaboration with other companies can offer enormous growth opportunities, access to new technologies, knowledge expansion, … In summary, a set of advantages that translate into a competitiveness qualitative leap.
  • Interim Management. Sometimes additional executive expertise is needed to tackle with a specific project or mission for a limited period. Mind counts on partners that can take on that role and carry out these missions.