Marketing & Sales

The strong competition in every market forces the marketing and sales teams to dedicate all their efforts to achieve monthly and quarterly targets, leaving no room to think, strategize and introduce innovative practices. However, a professional support focused on marketing functions can streamline the selling process and multiply the profitability of your actions.

Mind can help you increase your sales team results by applying different analysis and improvement techniques regarding:

  • Product Portfolio Management and Repositioning. Market Evolution and competitors’ actions change the profitability of each element in your portfolio and in consequence demand a systematic assessment of their individual contribution margins as well as a repositioning to guarantee the desired client’s perception.
  • Pricing Methodology. Pricing is an extremely sensitive area in business strategy, dominated by the fear of making mistakes and suffering negative market reactions. Our analysis tools allow you to improve pricing strategy increasing the profitability without sacrificing volume.
  • Distribution Channels Optimization. The way products reach clients is also changing radically and demanding a constant supervision that assures the presence in the places clients want to find your products and services and keeps optimal balance between conventional and online channels.
  • Product Design and Customer Experience. Each market segment has specific preferences; understanding and satisfying them is crucial to gain a relevant market share. Nowadays a company can not limit itself to offering products with good technical specs. It has to surprise the customer and enhance the product attributes perceived by the client as most important.
  • Internationalization Plans. Markets are not close to company’s premises anymore, and pursuit of new clients takes us to more distant regions with different competition criteria and specific risks that require previous analysis to guarantee results.