Business Inteligence

Best decisions are the outcome of counting on the best information to such an extent that handling the right data can make the difference between success or failure in a certain market. The search of the most relevant sources of information for your business, predominantly from the market’s own dynamics, is a central task of any strategic analysis process.

The experience accumulated by Mind team allows us to help you obtain essential information through different actions:

  • Competitive analysis. You do not only want to know who your competitors are, but also what differentiates them and why customers choose them. It is also imperative to learn about your competitors before breaking into markets in which you do not have a direct presence.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research. The opinion of your current and potential clients is key to ensure that you are going in the right direction. Knowing in advance their preferences, pain points, complaints and priorities, will allow us to adapt our offer, compete with more effectiveness and guarantee longer-term loyalty.
  • Pricing Methodology. Pricing is an extremely sensitive area in business strategy, dominated by the fear of making mistakes and suffering negative market reactions. Our analysis tools allow you to improve pricing strategy increasing the profitability without sacrificing volume.
  • Business Analytics. With the irruption of digitalization, data have become a strategic asset. A rigorous analysis with advanced algorithms provides essential diagnostics and orientations to make accurate decisions. Mind works with executives to identify the relevant data for a specific purpose as well as to develop the methods and tools to capture, structure and analyze them.